2011 Album "Great Escape" (LIMITED): Physical Copy

Image of 2011 Album "Great Escape" (LIMITED):  Physical Copy

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Jessica Campbell's full length album "Great Escape" features 10 songs produced by Cason Cooley. Released 8/23/2011.

Song Titles:
My Blue Sky (Campbell/Lee)
Falling Falling (Campbell/Hinesh)
Me Without You (Campbell/Bannen)
Sleepy Yellow Ball (Campbell/Hinesh)
Great Escape (Campbell/Wilson)
4am (Campbell/Lee)
Paperthin Mirror (Campbell/Paslay)
I Stay You Stay (Campbell/Hinesh)
Chasing Memories (Campbell/Paslay)
Whistle Song (Campbell)

*This is for a hard copy! Digital copies can be purchased on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/great-escape/id459278482